Hosting a Mass Crowd Event

Description: Mass Crowd events can be classified as:
  • Entertainment : Sportive, musical, commemorative or tourist events. Those events held with the intention of celebrating some important dates, sportive events, music or folklore festivals, etc: sport matches, (Cricket, football, others ), sailboat regattas, Jounen Kweyol, calypso contests, LUCELE Li ne-man Rodeo, Carnivals, school-related activities, etc.

  • Social/Political Those that have a social or a pol itical cause and/or intend to show satisfaction or dissatisfaction with specific political decisions or social situations, political parties, elections’ results, price ra ising, etc., through political meetings and/or demonstrations, blockorama, etc.

  • ReligiousThose that have a religious purpose such as worship, rallies, crusades, festivals, weddings, pilgrimages, processions, funerals, etc.

  • Educational These are event organised for / by schools or Education Authorities or by Students. Events such as Athletic Meets, Rallies, Debating Competitions, Interschool Calypso, SMC TalFest etc.
  • Category: Emergency Services
    Office: National Emergency Management Office (NEMO)
    Deadline Date: None
    Processing Time: Varies - organisers should start processes at least 3 months in advance
    Fee: Varies
    Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Process: Organisers can contact each of the respective agencies below concerning the hosting of the event.
    Requirements: Depending on the type of mass crowd event, approval must be sought from a number of agencies. These agencies are:


    Notes: Depending on the type of mass crowd event, approval must be sought from a number of agencies. These agencies are:


    Responsible Agency

    Public Liability Insurance

    Artist “no show”

    Insurance Agent

    Solid Waste Management Plan

    Solid Waste Management Authority

    Electrical Certification

    Ministry of Works / Electrical Department

    Mass Casualty Plan

    Ministry of Health

    Request for Medical Support

    [e.g. Doctors, Nurses etc.]

    Ministry of Health

    Public Health Certification [for food handlers]

    Ministry of Health

    Liquor License

    District Court

    Evacuation Plan

    Saint Lucia Fire Service

    Permission for Fire Works

    Saint Lucia Fire Service

    Request for Ambulance/EMT Support

    Saint Lucia Fire Service

    Request for Ambulance/First Aid Support

    Saint Lucia Red Cross

    Request for Ambulance/First Aid Support

    Saint John's Association of Saint Lucia

    Life Guard (events involving water)

    Traffic Management Plan

    Traffic Department

    Security Plan – of at least 4 officers, must be in uniform

    Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

    Permission to assemble

    [for demonstrations etc.]

    Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

    Work Permit

    Labour Comissioner’s Office

    CSME Certificate

    Labour Comissioner’s Office

    Copyright Music Licence

    Hewanorra Music Society

    Request for NEMO Assistance

    NEMO Headquarters

    Permission to use the beach

    National Conservation Authority (NCA) 459-0278

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